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{The leadership of the future, encapsulates genuine progress, through inspiring great curiosity.} "To stay relevant, organisations will be adaptable, collaborative & possess meaningful structure. Structure is a necessary foundation, as it promotes generosity" - Dan Turton
The Future of Leadership
Leadership is planning for the success of others, over the opportunities of our own. The future is bright and open to new thinking for leaders across all levels. The leadership of the future encapsulates genuine progress, through inspiring great curiosity. To stay relevant, organisations will be adaptable, collaborative and possess proactive structure. Structure is a crucial foundation as it promotes generosity. Great organisations plan for this, invest in this, and create a sense of community in their workplace. When this is put into practice, it creates people who are positively engaged towards meaningful progress.
Leadership goes far beyond the realms of delivering “good leadership”, it’s about fostering creativity and provoking curious thinking to achieve true progress in the work we do. It is intentionally giving people the structure to engage them to be generous in their work, and to give a place for individuals to go ahead and break new ground. There is no such thing as a ‘great leader’ - you either are a leader or you are not. To stay relevant in todays ‘global’ workplace, we need to work with intent and lead with a collaborative focused resolve, to see the people we lead achieve progress that is brought about by curiosity and supported by a community of genuine encouragement.
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Some of the qualities we look for, not just in our leaders, but also in our employees, are integrity, autonomy, creativity, innovation and passion. But we must bring passion together with having a plan - because we inherently foster the feeling of false progress when all we have is a highly energetic environment that lacks the opportunity towards purposeful progress. Utilising passionate, engaged people can literally change your organisational world, but we need to map the journey to allow people to be guided to a place where growth and new thinking is ‘business as usual’, and we utilise passion on purpose.
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Structure is a great thing, as long as it encourages generosity. Structure is only bad if the plan in which we monitor its progress is inflexible. Structure that nurtures, protects and brings a sense of community is a fantastic base for any organisation. It’s kind of an oxymoron to be calculated in creativity, but it’s powerful to do so. Planning to think differently fosters an atmosphere of generosity, this flows through from not only being an example, but also the notion that we walk together as one - each person with a sense of ownership and responsibility to see progress happen. When this combination comes into effect, we see a revolution of new ways of work and collaboration.
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The Custom Keynote

“The keynotes that I bring are at their most relevant and are based on the latest research in neuroscience and leadership thinking, so if you want to hear something specific or adapt to something that your event is targeting - then contact us for a discussion around what you are looking for.” - Dan
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“Amazing! Dan provides a whole new perspective on leadership and purpose.” - Chief Development Officer, NZ Telecom

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Purpose is not a magical, mythical pump up session to motivate people to achieve efficient collaboration. Instead, it is the driving force to have buy-in from those who you lead. Sometimes we confuse purpose with identity. But it's not what we do that makes us who we are, rather who we are that determines the impact of our leadership. There is old wisdom that says "without vision the people perish", but I would go one step further to suggest that without action, the people, the dream, the organisation, the individual, the creative ingenuity perishes. In a world where everything is changing and evolving faster than we can keep up, one thing remains consistent, purposeful leadership. It's not about replicating or "sprucing" up something that has been done before. It's about revolutionising our thoughts and motivation to achieve calculated creativity in the people we lead. It's about pioneering an atmosphere to think curiously, challenging the good, to be great.